Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are you trying to get pregnant?

There are so many women out there trying to get pregnant and I know that some will stumble on this blog so I am throwing this one post here for these women. I spent time cleansing my body before trying to get pregnant.  I read more and more and even signed up to become a Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My body became the type of place that I would want for a new baby. It meant doing things such as changing my diet to whole/non-processed foods, eating healthy fats, avoiding hormones in meats and dairy by buying organic and grass-fed, avoiding medicines, and I avoided things such as preservatives and artificial food coloring.  I have also heard many wonderful success stories of "infertile" women becoming pregnant after prolonged acupuncture and/or following a blood type or metabolic type diet.

I started paying attention to my body in a whole new way. I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health and was blown away that I had made it to this mature age without knowing all the details of female reproduction. My cervix changes! My fluids change! My body temperature changes! No one had ever told me this. No one had ever told me that I could figure out WHY I never had regular menstrual cycles! My doctor ran hormone tests on me that all came back normal so she wanted to put me on fertility drugs to regulate my cycles. Instead I read the book The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies. My poor body had hormones from food and other sources influencing it for many years and it needed to heal itself. I learned more and more about Weston A. Price through Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and included some of the high fertility foods in my diet by following some great recipes in Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. I believe that this cleanse and healing time was a key factor for my body to conceive when I was ready.

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  1. You have done lots of homework. I love that you are honest about how you kept learning and growing and continue to do so!