Thursday, March 29, 2012

Surviving pregnancy brain

Have you ever heard of pregnancy brain? It is a real thing that happens to us pregnant ladies. Our minds are filled with thoughts of juggling family, work, chore, bills, and our cute unborn baby while our body has extra hormones raging through us. Maybe you go grocery shopping and forget to buy half the things on your list or you blurt out "Tigers love to tug on purple ducks" as you walk past the duck pond. 

You can control this pregnancy brain by making new and realistic expectations of yourself and staying focused on one thing at a time. That way, you can complete one area of your life and be present in your current area. How can you do that report at work if you mind is still thinking about those dirty dishes that you left at home and how you will have to juggle 10 things when you get home from work. Write down what you have to do to get it off your mind then go back to work and put your full attention at your work.  Take breaks and go for walks as often as you can. Of course resting as much as possible also helps so listen to your body.

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