Thursday, April 26, 2012

Removing toxins from your beauty routine

As you know, I took my journey to removing beauty toxins in baby steps starting with what I use most: moisturizer. I now have more and more skin to cover with moisturizer and it all gets absorbed through my skin into my bloodstream which passes nutrients (and toxins!) to my baby.

What can you not live without?

My lips have always been pale and I like to tint them. Most of my lip color enters my mouth which seems like a gross place for traditional lipsticks filled with lead and other nasty chemicals. I found that I like Hemp Organics lipstick but it is rather pricey to have collection of colors. I use it sometimes but not often because my older daughters are always going through my purse and I don't want them wasting this lipstick! Instead I discovered that my local target has a lot of  rather natural tinted lip glosses/balms that really perk my lips up. Then I discovered that I could order them cheaper online at Vitacost (disclosure: we both get a referral bonus if you buy using this link) or through my Holistic Mom's Network Frontier buying club. When my girls put a little on they do not end up looking like a clown.

I have also found that I look better with less makeup and my skin seems happier!  The expensive makeup items that I own last much longer (often several years) because only a small amount does the trick.

Before I buy a product, I check it at the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database to see how toxic it is.  This goes for shampoo, soap, makeup, nail polish, sunblock, moisturizers, and etc. Every now and then they do not have a new product in the database so I look up the individual ingredients and see what they say about the ingredients.

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