Friday, May 18, 2012

Join a mom's group while still pregnant

It is a great idea to start scoping out the support communities for new moms. Most mom groups accept new members who are pregnant with their first child as well as those seasoned with other kids.  Moms who have had a large gap between children also enjoy being reconnected with a new wave of moms.

I suggest joining the following mom's groups while pregnant:

  1. LaLeche League -- They usually have an online loop that you can join (often for free but membership is appreciated) and read all about new moms breastfeeding and seeking help. It is a good way to get some invaluable knowledge in your head before you start learning and teaching breastfeeding to your own baby. Once you have your baby you won't have time to look them up and figure out how to join and what if you need them on day two home from the hospital? It is good to already have contact.
  2. Holistic Moms Network -- Since you are reading this blog you are into green living and mindful parenting so this is a national group of like-minded moms who have rocked my world! I started a chapter when there wasn't a local one in my town and was thrilled that my new community had an existing local chapter. There is a yearly fee that is very much worth it.
  3. Attachment Parenting International -- This a group that specifically connects parents who are into Attachment Parenting practices (breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing, etc.). I have heard great things about this group but had never joined it because I did not realize that our lifestyle feel into this category! Funny how things work out :)
  4. Your neighborhood moms group -- They might meet at the local community center or be an organized group through Mothers & More or Meetup. Don't rule out groups that charge a yearly fee ($10-$50 is normal) because they have a lot to offer.
Here are some reasons to join a mom's group while pregnant:

  1. Local advise --  Local moms offer local advise on where to go for prenatal massages, birthing classes, acupuncture, and baby supplies. The advise alone is priceless!
  2. Free stuff -- Moms are often inundated with baby gifts and sometimes their babies don't even wear an outfit.  Or they have a baby that hates their new swing.  Some moms were blessed with fabulous donations and they want to pass it forward and need someone to share baby gear and clothes with.  It is very helpful to know these moms while pregnant!
  3. Post-Partum Support -- These moms are experienced in breastfeeding in public, local lactation consultants, where to meet other new moms at a cafe, and a shoulder to lean on in person or virtually.  Other moms also love to cook for new moms so it is another great reason to make these contacts before the baby arrives. I STILL am very connected with my pre-natal friends from baby #1.  When our babies arrived, we met at least weekly for our own sanity.

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