Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Useful but not necessary baby registry items

Medela Pump-n-Style Breast Pump
As promised in my Useless Baby Registry Items post, this post contains items that you can easily get for free on your local mom boards or www.freecycle.org. You can also find them at yard sales or through other moms for cheap. These are things that are useful if you have the space but they are not at all needed to buy new (or to own). You can see what life is like without them then buy them if you feel that they would be useful. I did not put stroller on this list but it is certainly something that you don't need for a long time if you plan on baby wearing. Both of my kids were about one year when I really put them in (or bought) the stroller.
  1. Bouncer, swing, exersaucer. These things are used for a short period and take up a lot of space. If you really want one, borrow one from a friend so you can return it when you are done if you are short on space. A bucket carseat can easily be used to put the baby for a few minutes or in the bathroom for a shower.
  2. Changing pad. These create a mattress to change the baby on. I have one and like it but really a towel is just as useful. I know many people who just put a towel on their bed or couch.
  3. Pack-n-play portable crib. We travel a good bit but never bothered to get one of these until we went on a trip where we would be sleeping in many different (and often dirty) hotels and cabins. Family was always able to find someone to borrow one from. 
  4. A really good breast pump. Use nothing (you can use your hands like women have done for thousands of years!) or pay for something good (like Medela). Cheap pumps are cheap for a reason and do not work well. Most pumps say that you should not share them with other moms but you can as long as the mom did not have an infection. Each brand is different so you have some research to do. I often see really good pumps sold for cheap in mom groups. If you are planning on going back to work full time you should really look into the Medela Pump N Style and consider just adding it to your registry if you cannot find it used from someone who you trust.
  5. Towels and washcloths. I was given special baby sized ones as gifts but could have easily lived without them.
  6. Bathtub for the sink. This was super useful when bathing a newborn especially mine that had the slanted base for the baby to lay on. My first child was in it for almost 2 years because she loved it so much (although we had to put it inside the big tub)!
  7. Mobile. Again these are only on the crib for a short period because they become a danger. Of course it is great to find a cute one that matches the room but there are plenty of moms out there who have them just sitting around in storage. My favorite mobiles are the Waldorf inspired ones that you can make yourself using a branch and felt ornaments or cutouts. I have been making one with simple felt stars for baby #3 (cost = free, look = $150).
  8. Co-sleeper and bassinet. If you are gun-ho about co-sleeping, skip the co-sleeper and take apart your bed! A mattress on the floor is easy and cheap. Babies only fit in a bassinet for a short period so if you think that you want one for an area of your home or right next to your bed, borrow it from a friend. 
  9. Swaddle me wrap. These are special blankets that make it easy to swaddle the baby. Babies are only swaddled for a short period and it is really easy to swaddle using a receiving blanket. Watch some You Tube videos and you will be all set.
My next post will be your must-have baby registry items so keep reading!

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