Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Green NYC Fashion Runway

There I was sitting at the end of the runway in NYC with a judge's clipboard. I was a fashion judge! Not just any fashion judge but a green fashion judge! I am not a fashion saavy person but I was selected as a judge a few years ago.

So how could I judge based on being clueless about fashion? Thankfully I didn't need to because I had green fashion designers on each side and we had a lot of whispering back and forth.

Cute kids paraded in front of me as did adults in functional or crazy clothes. What made the clothes green to me what was how little of an impact they had on the environment. Yes the organic cotton imported from Egypt was "green" but it was MANUFACTURED and SHIPPED across an ocean and around the continent. Then there were the repurposed clothes. Clothes that had been salvaged from thrift stores then were carefully redesigned into one of a kind treasures. I liked these and the winning designer based on style and greenness had used repurposed clothes.

The owner of Loveday 31 in Astoria, NY was also a judge.
Seeing that I am not into fashion, I don't care for shopping. I love it when our Church has a once a year consignment sale and I can fill a huge bag of goodies for a fixed price. I feel good knowing that my money goes directly to charity, my kids are clothed, and I helped the environment. My three girls wear hand me downs that they have received from other kids or from their older siblings. We are not cheap, we are green.

Today is Small-Business Saturday so go support your local consignment store!

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