Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Online references

So now that you have some in-person mother's groups to join (most have great online communities too), here are some great online only references:
  • -- This used to be a wonderful magazine that is now out of print but has great online forums and blog postings.
  • (Peaceful Parenting) -- There are inspirational stories and great resources here from prenatal care to birth and parenting.
  • -- While you are bookmarking sites, this is also a must.  It helps get you ready to breastfeed, helps you get started breastfeeding, breastfeeding troubleshooting and excellent charts of medication harm levels while breastfeeding (PLEASE check these charts no matter what your doctor says.  I know way too many nursing moms that had a traditional doctor try to prescribe a medication that affects the baby and the doctor only offered a safer alternative after the mother informed her doctor).
Leave a comment if you know of other good ones so we can grow this list!  If you are unsure of how to leave a comment or tried in the past without success, see the updated post on How to Leave a Comment.

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