Monday, September 2, 2013

Survival Mode

Today at our community pool I saw a new mom with baby #2 and she was in Survival Mode and didn't know it.  I went "missing" for quite a while after baby #3 was born.  To outsiders at the preschool I was completely on top of it being early or just in time for drop offs and pick ups with kids that seemed happy.  On the inside, I was in Survival Mode.

Survival Mode is when it takes every ounce of being just to keep the family boat afloat. When you are in "go" mode from the moment you semi-wake until the moment you hope to sleep. This is often brought on by bed rest, morning sickness, pregnancy fatigue, post-partum recuperation, or a fussy baby.  REMEMBER THAT THIS IS JUST A PHASE AND ALL PHASES PASS. 

Here is what Survival Mode looks like for me:
  • At least one kid awake and hanging on me from 5am - 10pm.
  • An infant that doesn't nap unless sucking on me and rocking at the same time. (This only lasted the first four months until I was able to "aide" her into a better life.)
  • Dishes pile in the sink until the end of the day because it is most efficient to load them in the dishwasher once a day. If the dishwasher is full then it is really going to pile up!
  • Laundry is such a waste of time! I was able to keep it clean then toss it on the guest room bed. Close the door.  Ignore until the weekend. Buy an extra pack of undies for everyone.
  • Have the mommy support line just a few clicks or phone calls away.
  • Don't forget to pop those happy pills!
  • Let go. Lollipops and screen-time for the older kids may seem more appealing than they used too. This is just a phase and whatever you need to do to help the situation is okay.
  • Take help. If your older kids are willing to separate from you and go to a friend's house, let them go. If someone asks how they can help, let them bring a meal.
  • There is no time for food prep or picky eaters. Breakfast: Joe's O's or raw oats + milk. Lunch: PB&J + baby carrot sticks. Snacks: fruit. Dinner: 5 minute crock pot meal prepped in the morning while I was still sane using frozen veggies.  A variation of this recipe is a weekly staple in our house depending on what ingredients we have: 

Slow Cooker Baked Ziti

- 1 lb of your favorite pasta (uncooked). I use Trader Joe's Brown Rice penne
- 1 jar of marinara sauce
- Any vegetables you might want to throw in. I use one bag of frozen vegetables since they are already washed and chopped
- Can of beans or leftover meat (optional)
- Cheese odds and ends.Whatever you have. I have even used crumbled tofu in place of cheese.
- A dash of olive oil

Add the pasta, sauce and oil to the slow cooker. Add some water (maybe 1/2 cup) to the sauce jar, swirl and dump in the slow cooker.  Stir. Top the cooker with your veggies and cheese. Do not stir, this way the veggies and cheese are weighing down the uncooked pasta. Cover and cook on low for 3.5-5 hours. Mine takes 3.5-4 hours. You don't have to worry about being a little late and it won't really burn!

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